Pacific Northwest Forest Service Association (PNWFSA)

Welcome to the Old Smokeys Store

Our Old Smokeys Logo Hat is our first product
Show your Old Smokeys membership with this tough, high quality hat.
The Old Smokeys logo is embroidered, so it won't wear off over time..

You may order one or two hats per order online for $13.00 each by clicking on the image below.
The $13 charge includes a $3.00 shipping charge (Hat $10.00 + $3.00 shipping)

Or, you may order any number of hats by emailing Bob Williams.
In the email, tell Bob the number of hats you wish to order and where to ship them.
For orders of one or two hats, the charge will be $13.00 per hat (includes $3.00 shipping)
For orders of three or more hats, the charge will be $10.00 per hat plus actual shipping cost.
Bob will email you back with instructions to send him a check for the hats plus shipping

Or, you may buy the hat for $10.00 at an event (such as the monthly luncheon - see Events)

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