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The Pacific Northwest Forest Service Association (PNWFSA) is accepting applications for grants to help fund projects in 2023 that further PNWFSA goals within the Pacific Northwest Region.

Grant applications are invited from private, non-profit, or non-governmental organizations pursuing such goals. Grant awards will not be made directly to the U.S. Forest Service.

For 2023, Old Smokeys will be awarding up to $3000 total.  This is a reduction from years past and is due to a lower return on the investments we use to fund these grants.  The Old Smokeys make these awards available annually as budgets permit, because they support many U.S. Forest Service heritage and natural resource projects; projects that advance public appreciation and understanding of our nation’s national forests and natural resources in general.

An overview of grants awarded in most recent years can be found by clicking on the links below and should serve to illustrate the range of projects approved to date.

 2022 Awards  2021 Awards    2020 Awards    2019 Awards    2018 Awards
2017 Awards   
2016 Awards    2015 Awards
2014 Awards

Since the inception of the Grants Program in 2011, the Old Smokeys have awarded over $92,000 to projects.  Keep an eye on this website as summary project accomplishments, accompanied with photos where appropriate, will be added as we continue to complete the story of these valuable project efforts. Please consider a donation to the Grant Fund to help fund these important projects into the future.

Project Selection Criteria

Grants are awarded to organizations that satisfy the donation policy adopted by the PNWFSA Board of Directors on February 27, 2009. This policy specifies, “Grants or gift proposals will be judged according to the following criteria:

  • Does it further the Old Smokeys mission?
  • Will the project have a lasting influence on national forest management, natural resource management, and help sell the public on the importance of these resources?
  • Will it reach large numbers of people?
  • Can Old Smokeys funds be leveraged with other funds?
  • Will a restoration or improvement project help sustain our Forest Service legacy?
  • Will the PNWFSA receive visible and lasting credit for participation?
  • Is it a project that ‘feels good’ to us and reminds us of why we chose to throw in with the Outfit for our careers?”

Not all of these questions will apply to every proposal, but running through this checklist should help the PNWFSA get the greatest return for its investment. Applications for grants, therefore, should reflect these policy specifications and criteria.

How to Apply

Grant applications should be prepared as letters that describe the proposed project and enumerates how its accomplishment would satisfy the selection criteria.

Please note that grant requests supporting U.S. Forest Service projects also must include an accompanying statement of support for and commitment to the project signed by the responsible line officer (e.g., forest supervisor or district ranger).

Due Date for 2023 Proposals

Grant applications need to be submitted electronically to the Grants Committee at their mailbox,, no later than December 31, 2022.


Approved projects will be required to submit an annual report by December 31, 2022 via the above listed Grant Committee mailbox.  Reports should be brief, demonstrating the project accomplishment, including appropriate pictures.  These reports will be linked to the Old Smokeys Grant website and be used in our quarterly newsletters.  


Questions and comments regarding the Grants Program and/or the application process are welcome any time via the above listed Grant Committee mailbox.

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